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Post C-Section Care by Dr. Girija Wagh

Congratulations your wound is healthy Following are your care instructions:

  1. You can have bath over the stitch site but do not rub or massage the site.

  2. After a shower or a bucket bath gently mop the site and make the area dry. Swab with an alcohol swab and then smear Betadine powder. Do this twice daily for 10 days.

  3. Maintain your breast health. Do not rub or squeeze them. Be gentle when expressing the milk and prevent injury to the breast tissue especially if you use mechanical pumps. Use a good breast support which is clean, absorbable well fitting. Nipple soreness can be dealt with patience, smearing the breast milk or by local application of Nipcare cream.

  4. You are expected to get your menses anytime after 4 to 6 weeks and this is variable depending upon the frequency and duration of lactation, the background issues such as obesity, hypothyroidism, anemia , diabetes and anxiety.

  5. Physical activity: Light stretches, walks and deep breathing exercises to be performed regularly. Avoid being at one place always for more than 40 minutes except when you are sleeping.

  6. Nutrition needs to be rich in nutrients and calories as breastfeeding is energy intense function. Good proteins, complex carbohydrates, rich vegetables and nuts and fruits helps better production and quality of breast milk. Breast feeding is valuable for the baby and protects the mother from weight gain, obesity and future breast cancers. Avoid unclean and junk foods. Continue your supplements.

  7. Sexual activity is better resumed after 6 weeks and with use of birth control measures. I discuss this again at the 6 weeks visit where you are to schedule an appointment with me.

  8. Be calm and happy. Meditate be mindful and patient. Pray and practice affirmations .You are the best thing that has happened to your baby so take care of yourself as well as your baby .It’s wonderful to nurture a new being and contribute to the society building .

  9. Visit us if the following issues erupt: Blood pressure rise, uncontrolled sugars, urinary burning or pain, seizures, fever, breast pain, bleeding and breathing difficulties.

  10. We expect you to see us at 6 weeks with the following lab reports: CBC, TSH, HBA1C, urine routine and any additional as would be suggested. We will also discuss adult vaccination completion and weight issues if any.

Dr. Girija Wagh


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