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Embryo Transferred. What Next?

Congratulations on a successful embryo transfer. The embryo quality is excellent and so was the endometrium prep above all, you had a perfect attitude. Many questions must be rocking your mind and here I have prepared a list of answers and directives to help you.

Self-love: Fall in love with yourself and love everything around you. Be in a calm, romantic, ethereal mental stance as you have just undergone a life-changing procedure. So pamper yourself and revel in the wonderful aspect of having the embryo inside you. It’s going to gradually find its way and stick to your womb and this is definitely enhanced by those magnetic emotions that you carry. Magnificence in thinking and behavior creates wonderful hormones inside the body which help this implantation process. Remember, you blush when happy and are relieved when you get what you seek. So you have got what you wanted and this is your symbol of love which is manifesting into the embryo. So smile lovingly.

Positive mind: Positive affirmations, sound sleep, a calm affirmative attitude, and a diehard belief in the success of the process are important. Listen to some chanting and relaxing music. Look at a lovely picture and deeply meditate with visualization. No anxiety, anger, emotional outbursts, mood swings, shouting aloud, feelings of misery at all, maintaining a jovial temperament.

Bed rest: Take a restful rest, but strict bed rest is not recommended. Be rested.

Physical activity: Your daily personal chores and household light work are permissible. Do not strain and stretch yourself.

Medicines: Continue your medicines with all the insulin sensitizers, multi-vits, arginine, and progesterone. Add Ecosprin 75 mg daily at night.

Food and water: Take plenty of fresh fruits vegetables, salads, smoothies, robotics, nuts, and first-class proteins. Ensure availability of healthy nutrients.

Good foods: Keep the inflammatory processes at bay. Do not starve or fast. Avoid unhealthy, unclean, junk, and innutritious foods. Don’t go without food for 6 hours or more. Take frequent healthy bites and keep your body always refreshed. Taking plenty of water helps in refreshing and proper homeostasis. Avoid constipation.

Sleep: Sleep well and achieve sound sleep. Praying and meditation help. Ensure that you do not get dehydrated or starve during long sleep spells.

Intimacy: We will abstain from intercourse, but you can always cuddle each other and snuggle together. The lovely love hormones help in better implantation.

Do your pregnancy test after 15 days (blood test is better).

Report if any of the following is experienced Pain, Cramps, vaginal bleeding, and uneasiness, please note some implantation bleeding is possible. Do not become anxious.

Lots of love!

Dr. Girija Wagh, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician & IVF Specialist

Pune, Maharashtra


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