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World Cancer Day

Breast cancer and Cervical cancer are on the rise. We truly need to tackle them !

#BreastCancer and #CervicalCancer are the topmost cancers affecting women world-wide, but more so in India . The urban woman is more at risk of developing breast cancer and 25 % of the entire globe cancer burden is contributed by India. With the International Women’s Day just a month away, I felt like getting forth a wonderful gift in the form of this blog and the way forward to curb these cancers.

Cancer is uncontrolled unlimited growth of the affected cells which grow first within the organ, then reverse through the limitations of the affected organ, overcoming the tissue barrier and invading the adjacent organs and may spread wider at distance through bodily fluids, such as the blood and the lymph to distant organs such as the brain and the lungs. Any cancer, when diagnosed early, is treatable and modern medicine has made it possible. Better still is, to regularly check up and get screened for cancer as this will help in detecting conditions which can possibly lead to cancer.

Why is breast cancer on rise ?

Delayed childbearing, reduced duration of absence of breastfeeding, family history, genetic susceptibility, obesity seems to be related factors but in many situations, apparent cause has been identified. Factors such as poor breast hygiene, improper diet which lacks in micro nutrients and tight clothes have been proposed.

What is breast hygiene ?

The breasts should be kept clean and dry. The breast support clothing should be preferably a soft airy garment which has good support mechanisms to ensure that there is proper ventilation and blood circulation. The breast covering underwear should be cleaned daily and should be of the right fitting. Any infection, lump or change in skin condition should be reported to the doctor and a check up undertaken.

How can I detect breast cancer early ?

Breast self-examination once a month performed in front of the mirror helps us on detecting early-stage disease. Once in a year checking with the doctor is a good practice. Clinical breast examination can help in detecting earlier stage diseases.

How can I screen for cervical cancer ?

Pap test with the HPV testing are the current recommended tests and ones performed, need to be repeated only after 5 years. Read details about this here :

Who all should do screening for cancer cervix and breast ?

All women after the age of 35, should regularly check themselves for cervical and breast cancer.

How expensive is this test ?

Clinical breast examination is part of the genealogical(family descent) consultation and the PAP and HPV test together costs approximately Rs 2,000/-

Let us pledge for good health, this woman’s day and get tested for cancers, ill health such as weak bones anaemia, hypothyroidism and metabolic disorders such as ossify, diabetes and raised blood pressure.

Finally, women are a precious part of the society and their health should be a priority.


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