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PCOS women, need a holistic approach towards prevention and treatment of the disease. PCOS CLINIC therefore is the need of the time. PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) a complex condition caused due to hormonal imbalance, is the commonest such disorder in adolescent girls and women. About 1 in 10 women are affected by this pathology and is caused by excessive production of male hormones by the ovary. Irregular menstrual cycles, increased hair growth over the body, pimples or acne, oily pigmented skin, excessive weight are commonly associated problems. The disorder is diagnosed by careful clinical evaluation, sonography and blood tests. Improper diagnosis can lead to undue stigmatization and wrong therapy. It is important to treat this disease as it has effects which can be long-lasting. Immediate concerns associated are abnormal physical features such as weight and body image issues leading to emotional abnormalities. Longterm consequences are infertility, miscarriages and health problems such as heart disease, diabetes etc . Women with PCOS have special needs and require to be treated with special assistance. With the recognition of such a felt need we have conceived the establishment of the Centre for PCOS named : Marigold clinic of PCOS at the Girija Hospital and Fertility Center(GHFC), Kothrud, Pune. The PCOS Clinic focuses on the total health care needs of the person with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. The goal at the Marigold clinic is to provide comprehensive care for the PCOS patient. Following steps are envisaged : Evaluation of the clinical condition by an expert gynecologist Assessment of stress, emotional and behavioral problems Laboratory investigations Ultrasonographic assessment

Identification of other associated disorders such as weight, raised blood pressure Assessment of reproductive health problems and treatments Nutritional assessment Guidance for physical activity through professional guidance . Easy to follow nutritional, psychological and physical improvisation tips Assurance of compliance Scientific structured approach is planned once the seeker is enrolled in the Marigold PCOS program .

Tool no 1 : Do I have PCOS ? Before embarking on enrolling into the program, it is essential that women and girls take the following self assessment tool to identify the possibility of PCOS Irregular cycles Y/N Painful cycles Y/N Scanty bleeding Y/N Skin pigmentation Y/N Excessive hair Y/N Body hair at wrong sites Y/N Pimples and oily skin Y/N Infertility Y/N Excessive weight Y/N Moody Y/N Repeated miscarriages Y/N If You have any of these 5 “ yes “ you need to seek assessment Tool No 2 : Am I at risk of developing PCOS ? Family history of diabetes, blood pressure abnormalities, obesity Was Born as a premature, low weight or very heavy baby Was a chubby infant/teenager Is always stressed and worried Is a couch potato and lazy Has taken long term medications like steroids For any questions or queries related to Marigold PCOS Clinic, please feel free to contact Girija Hospital at +91(0)20 2538 4523


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