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Stress Urinary Incontinence

SUI is stress urinary incontinence affecting women of all ages. SUI is a silent suffering which many women are embarrassed to share with anyone. SUI can alter a woman’s life and convert her into a social recluse 

What is SUI ? 🏻‍♀

SUI is Stress Urinary Incontinence which means urine leaks out in response to stress

Why is there SUI ? 🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Many reasons have been identified for SUI of which obesity, aging, pregnancy 🤰🏻 ligament laxity are the commonest causes. It is believed to be a result of damage to the supporting tissue of the urethra ( the 4 cm pipe through which the urine is released outside from the bladder )during childbirth. But this may not  be always so as

many women who haven’t had a vaginal childbirth suffer from SUI 

What are the features of this condition ? 🤷‍♀️

Urine leaks before you reach the destined site to empty the bladder. You cannot hold a full bladder for long and your private parts and underwear is always wet with urine. The urine thus soiling the undergarments emanates smell which can be socially unacceptable. It can also cause irritation to your delicate perineal tissues and cause infection or discomfort

Yes doctor 🏼‍⚕ I have such symptoms what do I do now ?

Consult your gynaecologist 🏼‍⚕for guidance and evaluation. Your doctor will check you for any structural abnormality such as laxity or weakness in the tissues and urinary or local infections. Disorders such as diabetes can cause excessive urination and exaggerate the SUI .

Are there any DIY remedies for SUI ? 🏼‍

Of course, there are :

  1. Maintain your urinary diary

  2. Do pelvic strengthening exercises such as the Kegel’s exercises 🏼‍♀🏼‍♀regularly

  3. Lose weight scientifically with a combination of dietary 🥦 thanks modifications and targeted exercises

Do you restrict your water intake for the fear of SUI especially while socialising ?

Water  restriction can be harmful to you leading to problems such as dehydration, kidney stones, urinary infections and serious kidney diseases in the long run 🏼‍♀

Are there any treatments for SUI ?

Some medicines are prescribed for SUI and in severe conditions, surgical strengthening of the supporting tissues is done. The commonest used procedures are the TOT ( trans obturator tapes ). Application of local estrogen creams especially in postmenopausal women are found to be of help.

Please do not suffer in silence and come out in the open and share your bladder woes. Take a counsel, eat healthy, exercise and control your weight !! Girls also control drinking  alcohol excessively as it can precipitate SUI


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