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Pregnancy Road Map : Essential Timelines & Checklist for antenatal care

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

First trimester

Complete blood count for anaemia : MCV to know about any haemoglobin inherited or transferrable disease, platelets and white blood counts for baseline values

  • Screening for thyroid disorders, diabetes and renal abnormality

  • Urine testing for infections, proteinuria, glucose and casts

  • Blood group and Rh typing confirmation

  • Screening for transferrable diseases such as hepatitis B , HIV AIDS ,syphillis ( may be repeated after 6 months)

  • Screening for genital infections

USG : Confirmation Scan / Dating Scan / NT Scan

Special tests : screening for rubella , toxoplasmosis , thyroid antibodies , thyroid function tests ,double marker test ( done along with NT with biomarkers in the mothers blood to predict adverse outcomes such as fetal growth restriction ,pregnancy related raised blood pressure (preeclampsia ), placental separation prematurely ( abruptio placentae) ),indirect Coomb’s test, further evaluations of diabetes and anaemia ,screening for thalassemia or sickle cell disease which are disorders which are transmitted genetically to the baby.Additional tests may be requested for additional evaluation and this can be case specific and will be individualised by your clinician such as blood tests and doppler studies

Vaccinations : Flu vaccine and hepatitis vaccination can be taken throughout entire pregnancy

Prenatal supplements : Folic acid, pyridoxine, nutritional supplements are given. In addition some medications may be additionally prescribed in special situations.

Your responsibility : To completely share the details about your health, pertaining to past illnesses, surgeries and medications consumed for some illnesses such as tuberculosis, epilepsy (fits) , raised blood pressure or another medications in details .

It’s a good practice to properly date these details and share with your clinician for better guidance.

Take all the medicines on time .Pay attention to the clinical instructions and follow them diligently.

Inform about your any allergic conditions especially to any medicines.

Second trimester

  • Complete blood count

  • Oral glucose challenge test

  • Urinary testing and screening for bacteriuria

USG : Targeted scanning for fetal anomalies should be done before 20 weeks in India

Special tests : Indirect Coomb’s test, some others pertaining to individual case, Doppler studies, Fetal ECHO

Vaccinations : Tetanus(TT) injection 2 shots 6 weeks apart

Prenatal supplements : Iron and calcium supplements are taken to meet the increased needs and to prevent anaemia and pregnancy hypertension and osteopenia ( weakening of bones ) in the mother

Your responsibility : Take medications on time. If no tolerance share with your clinician so alternative formulations can be prescribed. Follow the timelines for checking and investigations regularly.

Third trimester

  • Complete blood count

  • Oral glucose challenge test

  • Urinary test

USG : Growth scans, biophysical assessment of the fetus

Special tests : Non stress tests for the fetal well being

Prenatal supplements : As mentioned above

Please remember these tests are done with a purpose and this being identifying your and your baby’s well being. Timelines should be observed as suggested so that the doctor can guide you correctly and make necessary treatments.

Please refer to my previous write ups on blood pressure, planning pregnancy, hypothyroidism, nausea during pregnancy, nutrition during pregnancy, exercise during pregnancy for additional information and understanding.

Happy pregnancy and best of luck for a successful and safe delivery.


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