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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hello there !!! Greetings from Girija your friend, confidant and health guide. I love to talk to you and guide you about your health issues as I am a staunch feminist and strongly believe that women need to be enlightened about their own health issues.

Most of the knowledge we gather is from school, some newspaper articles and from our household in which we grow and are brought up. Many of these contexts do not hold true in the fast changing worlds around us and therefore we need to reinvent and address these and structure them to our own needs.

There are a whole lot of issues, I would be sharing with you and would love to have you ask me questions and would love to answer them and help you.

The world has changed and so has the means of living . We need money to survive and need to work for that and to create a comfortable space to live happily. We also want to be a part of modernisation and contribute to the uplifting of the society through our acquired knowledge and skills.

Today a large number of women are choosing the IT sector to be able to do this and their health needs therefore are different. The job profile in the IT sector is demanding. The timelines are different which may disturb the regular circadian rhythm. Most of the work is sedentary, needs concentration and connect to the computer for long hours. It also is based on quality of performance and deadlines and these need a huge support of strong mind and physique.

The background however does not seemed to have changed, namely the woman’s role in the family, looking after the babies and the elderly in the family and home making.

There is an important health  checklist for your to follow and update your health status on the go : 

    1. What is my Hemoglobin level ? ( It has to be 12 g/dl ) checked from a standard laboratory

    2. What is my BMI ? ( it has to range between 19-22 )

    3. Have you screened yourself for Hypothyroidism, Hypertension and diabetes ? (even seemingly) lean people need to do this periodically)

    4. Are you vaccinated for Rubella ( infection can cause congenital abnormalities in baby if you are pregnant ) , HPV ( Cancer vaccine )and Hepatitis B ( Jaundice that can kill ) immediately before pregnancy ( varicella)

    5. Are you taking proper diet ( less of junk, more of healthy diet, rich in proteins, fibres and nutrients and low on simple carbohydrates )

    6. Are you taking enough water ? ( 2-3 L/day )

    7. Are you suffering from tiredness, irritability, acidity , indigestion or constipation ? ( You need to change your lifestyle habits and I can guide you )

    8. Are you exercising regularly? Very very important for all the above mentioned ailments.( at-least 5000 steps /day)

If you have any of these issues, I request you to consult us, remember everyone is unique and needs.

special tailor-made guidance to take the challenges of a stressful busy life. Women in addition are vulnerable to hormonal  problems related to stress. This can lead to menstrual disturbances, inability to become pregnant, loss of libido ( sexual disinterest)and sexual apathy, repeated pregnancy losses and complicated pregnancies. Women also have special sexual and birth control needs. Women also need to plan their babies well in advance and ensure that they are healthy to do so.

Proactive measure :

Newly married or to be shortly married need to consult a specialist like me for various guidance about intimacy, birth control and managing life after marriage.

Some of you would want to learn how to manage life in the IT sector healthily.

Please feel free to connect and I will be very happy to help. Let me know various issues on which you want me to write in this newsletter and I will be more than happy to do so.

Next BLOG coming soon ‘anemia and how to tackle it’.

Girija Wagh 9422000584 whats app or

Yours always in Health



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