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Infertility turns me into Sherlock Holmes !

Being able to have babies is a natural ability and the desire to have one, is a basic instinct for survival !! Some women however find it difficult to conceive, resulting in a lot of heartache and frustration Case History Mrs LD, 29 years old, married for 11 years, had not conceived even once. She had been taking treatment with 3 specialists and had undergone diagnostic evaluations through sonography , laparoscopy and laboratory tests with several stimulation cycles with no results . Frustrated, she stopped treatments for 2 years and accepted that she cannot conceive . She was referred to me, by her friend ( one of my patient ) who had positive results with my treatment. As per the previous records Mrs LD had undergone hysteroscopy ( endoscopic evaluation of the uterine cavity ) for some lesion detected in the womb on ultrasound . One doctor had also mentioned that she had abnormal tubes and had suggested ART-IVF ( Artificial reproductive technique -in vitro fertilisation ) . In total she had been subjected to hysteroscopy thrice and laparoscopy ( endoscopic evaluation of the peritoneal cavity ) once . Diagnosis Her clinical evaluation with us revealed that she had severe anaemia ( hb 7.2g/dl ) , chronic cervicitis ( infection of the neck of the womb ) and PID ( Pelvic inflammatory disease ) . All these conditions were treated by medicines and some surface treatments . After 3 months, we performed a hysterosalpingography (HSG ) ( a procedure where in a radio opaque dye is injected in the womb and the spillage through the tubes is noted which helps in confirming the tubal patency ) . She was put on appropriate preconceptional medications and was guided with exercise , nutritional therapy and stress management measures . LD reported just after one month with missed periods and we diagnosed a healthy naturally conceived 5-6 weeks pregnancy . Throughout the antenatal period, she was closely screened for infections , growth , screening for abnormalities and metabolic diseases . Result At 39 + 6 weeks she came in spontaneous labor and had to be delivered by emergency cesarean section for foetal decelerations ( sign of foetal jeopardy ) . A bony 3.9kg healthy baby was born through an uneventful Caesarean section . The

baby is now 11 months old thriving well and both of them visit me regularly to thank me and to remind me that the correct approach , intense passion and right knowledge base, got a long way in helping hapless childless couple. In this case LD and her husband needed counselling and guidance to regain their lost self esteem , patience and above all their trust in me could help deliver their bundle of joy. Truly love my moms and their babies !!!


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