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How To Deal With Backache During Pregnancy

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

WHY is there Backache?

Early pregnancy backache is a commonly encountered complaint in the very early part of the pregnancy and occurs due to the action of progesterone hormone on the back muscles causing them to relax. The excessive relaxation of the muscle and ligaments of the back causes such backache.

Stress and anxiety are also responsible for backache. Many women become worried after testing positive for pregnancy and also get influenced by information on digital media or from friends or relatives.

Backache so early in pregnancy represents muscle weakness. A sedentary and inactive lifestyle causes weakening the back muscles causing them to sag and pain in response to the relaxation action of the pregnancy hormones.

Is Back Ache Cause Of Concern?

Sometimes womb squeezing or stretch on the cervix can be a sign of a miscarriage. But mostly these present as cramps and/or bleeding.

Can I Avoid Backache During Pregnancy?

Back muscle strengthening exercises before conception are helpful. Regular mobility and stretching exercises extend as well as flex the back muscles. Stress-relieving practices with a positive attitude and acceptance of the wonderful change in the body also help relieve pain.

Also, one should avoid anxiety and accept the pregnancy as a physiological change of your body that will deliver you a healthy baby should be regularly affirmed.

Strengthening the back muscles with pregnancy-friendly exercises

  • Maintaining a healthy weight throughout pregnancy

  • Doing gentle exercise regularly, with a doctor’s approval

  • Wearing flat- or low-heeled shoes with arch supports

  • Avoiding standing for long periods

  • Avoiding lifting too much weight

  • Practicing proper lifting techniques by squatting down and using the legs instead of the back

  • Practicing good posture

  • Avoiding sleeping on the abdomen

How Can I Deal With Backache during First Trimester

It's easy and most importantly something not to be worried about.

  • Correct your posture always; while at work sitting at the desk, while walking, and lying down. Keep the back erect and supported

  • Long sitting hours should be undertaken with proper back support

  • Long-standing hours and long walking spells should be avoided

  • Stretching exercises against a wall and with support of the floor surface is a great solution

  • Light yoga practices or stretching exercises help

  • The back stretching and bending the Cat and the Camel exercise work wonders

  • Resting the back periodically by lying down help

  • Sleep on one side with a pillow between the knees helps to relax the back

  • Nutrition rich in Vitamin D, Calcium, iron, folic acid, and DHA help

  • Keep your hydration optimum with water, or citric fruits, or buttermilk

Some examples of exercises as below can help in reducing backache. Supportive measures such as light oil massage, application of counterirritants, and cold fomentation may help. Some women may need medications but only to be taken under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

- Dr. Girija Wagh


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