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High Risk Pregnancy

High risk pregnancy is a condition where the pregnancy is not entirely normal. Approximately 10 % of pregnancies become high risk pregnancies due to various reasons. High risk pregnancies need special care and guidance. What is important is to know about it and to deal with it in the right fashion.

Pregnancy is actually a normal physiological function of the woman’s body. Getting pregnant is natural and one of the prime functions of womanhood. High risk pregnancy can make this seemingly natural process complicated. These complications can range from minor to moderate to sometimes severe. A basic knowledge of this can help women seek help from the right doctor and be a part of one’s own clinical condition thus helping to reduce the severity of complications. This also helps in making the right choice for delivery as High risk Pregnancy needs to be dealt with in well-equipped facility.

What exactly is a high risk pregnancy ?

The term “high risk pregnancy”  is used to describe a situation in which a mother, her unborn baby (fetus), or both are at higher risk for problems during pregnancy or delivery than in a typical pregnancy

What does a high risk pregnancy involve ?

A high-risk pregnancy may be one that involves the following :

Mothers who have an already existing health problem : diabetes, high blood pressure, anaemia, heart disease, obesity, deformity, asthma or any other long-term illnesses

Mothers who acquire Infections such as the swine flu, dengue fever, jaundice, urinary tract infections etc

Mothers who had previous complicated pregnancy : preterm birth , raised blood pressure, need of hospitalisation or difficulties in delivery or loss of the baby due to pregnancy associated complication

Mothers who have other issues that might arise during pregnancy such as anaemia, bleeding, abnormally situated placenta, twin pregnancy

Why is High risk pregnancy important ?

High Risk pregnancy is important as it can cause a threat to health or life of the mother or her fetus. High-risk pregnancy often requires specialised care from specially trained providers.

Can I know myself if I have a high-risk pregnancy ?

Yes. There is an easy to perform self-assessment score to know if you have a risk pregnancy. Some pregnancies become high risk as they progress while some women are at increased risk for complications even before they get pregnant for a variety of reasons. This score can help you assess your own possibility

High risk pregnancy : DIY self-assessment score :

High Risk Pregnancy self- assessment score : do it yourselfExisting factorsEmerging factors : Appearing nowEthnicityAsianexcessive weight gainAge< 19 and > 35Improper baby growth: FGRPre-pregnancy BMI< 19 and > 26Multiple babiesSubstance abuseSmoking / tobacco / drugs / alcoholThyroid disordersPrevious factorsRaised blood pressure / diabetes / fits / heart disease/any surgery /anaemia / Rh negative mother / deformities in the uterus / skeletal system of the mother / IVF pregnancy /PCOS/HypothyroidismDiabetes

Raised blood pressure

Excessive baby growth

Preterm delivery

InfectionsHIV-AIDs / Urinary tract infections / jaundice / dengue etcAny of thesePrevious pregnancy complicationsCesarean delivery / miscarriage /baby demise / premature baby /bleeding / placental problemsAbnormal placental position or attachment / baby abnormalities

What if my high risk pregnancy score is positive ?

Consult a doctor who is experienced to deal with it. Special issues need special care and you, therefore, should under the guidance of your doctor handle the situation smartly. Cooperation with your doctor, following the instructions correctly, taking responsibility of adopting all the necessary changes to ensure that there is healthy outcome are some important things that one can follow.

Is it scary to have a high risk pregnancy ?

It may sometimes be a serious situation but timely advise and action helps in reducing the seriousness. Ensure that you follow the guidance well and rest your confidence in your doctor

What can I do to avoid High risk pregnancy ?

Proper pre-pregnancy planning goes a long way in preventing a high risk pregnancy. Identification of your own health status and seeking appropriate advice and efforts to follow them go along way in preventing this condition. Visit the following link to know more about pregnancy planning :

Some examples for better understanding :

ASD : IS now 33 years and has a history of thalassemia ( type of genetic anaemia ) and a spine deformity since birth which was operated but her lung space on one side was remarkably reduced. She came to us at very early phase of pregnancy ( 6 weeks ).Through the entire pregnancy through regular surveillance, excellent compliance from her we could take her pregnancy safely till 37 weeks when we delivered her for excessive breathlessness. She needed a specialist multidisciplinary approach. After delivery she needed some assistance for respiration(BREATHING) and now is absolutely well

SSN : Had PCOS and infertility. She conceived with medication help and developed diabetes, thyroid disorder and later towards term raised  blood pressure. Early detection, preventive medications helped in avoiding serious complications

Read more such stories here :

Be knowledgeable, responsible and brave and take good advice from a specialised, competent expert for healthy outcome. Finally, the aim is to deliver a healthy baby of a healthy mother


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