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Adolescence : N’Joy with great care

1. Male/Female : Adolescence age Or Teen age (13 to 19) Or Period from puberty to

legal adulthood

The Adolescence is not only to the endurer but also to the parents and the

immediate family.

Challenges in understanding the transitions and accepting them in the right


Non scientific terms Gen-X, Gen-Y and Gen-Z are used to express the current

impatient, tech savvy, smart generation. Being the generation of such evolution,

many challenges exist and the generation gaps are widening between the parents

and the offsprings.

The transitional phase involves the most primary change of adulthood. Gender

differentiation, gender awareness and expression is a natural part of it.

They have hormonal changes at the base of it. Special tropic hormones stimulate the

hypothalamus in the brain and the awakening of adolescence happens. This leads to

a cascade of hormonal changes in boys as well as girls leading to the typical bodily

changes such as increase in height, change in the body contours and development of

certain bodily parts.

2. Stabilisation and the right time

These hormones, however have erratic levels which stabilise around the completion

of the teen age. Such erratic surges can be stabilised with proper nutrition, physical

activity and mind modulation. But if these are not stabilised, several mood changes,

anger and sadness in spurts may occur.

Right time is when your body and soul stabilises completely. Time when you and

your partner, both are in a position to shoulder the responsibilities towards each

other, financially, mentally and physically.

3. Exposure to internet, Videos, Chat rooms have reached bedrooms

Internet has exposed this generation to many eventualities at a very tender age when

other things like good career start, friendship, sport, hobbies, good health and

confident personality are more important.

Chat rooms, videos have directly taken the younger generation to the bedrooms and

the indwelling sexuality where they would have entered when they are able to take it.

What does this ‘able to take it’ mean ? You are not supposed to have sex ?

Of course you are but at the right time(Ref above).

With nuclear families and a self focused existence everyone says ‘Ma life, Ma ways’.

Absolutely why not, but always at the right time(Ref above).

Sexual act is a beautiful expression of love and not an experiment. And definitely not

a casual or forced act.

My generation was told about this by either a knowledgeable aunt or a biology

teacher or the biology book of standard 8th.

We felt definitely empowered by the knowledge and knew exactly when and where

“not” to indulge and how to protect ourselves. It also could be that, we had many

other interests such as studies, sports, dance, music and a huge lot of skills to be

mastered and induced into.

4. Career : This is the time you are pursuing your academics and preparing yourself to

pick your first career opportunity and make your mark in the professional world.

This is a time when you need to keep a balance.

5. Parents trying to cope up with the young generation

Today with an all working family model and a faster moving pace, younger ones are

growing and maturing swiftly.

Parents are not coping up with the same rate as their wards are growing with. The

digital media is making matters worse. The parents as well as the teenagers are in

conflict as to whether they are handling a mature situation.

Also as a parent, doctor, I am much exposed to this growing generation and their

behavioural patterns. The generation has become unisex generation and that is

welcome in some contexts.

Too much “unrestricted” freedom due to education and travel is observed, not being

handled properly. Easy access to everything is making us impatient, with lack of

determination and focus, resulting into emotional fragility. We get distracted,

depressed and dejected faster.

As a doctor I am much at the receiving end of young boys and girls getting into the

aftermath of this situation both physically and psycologycally. Their young bodies

bear the brunt of this menace and souls wear the scars. They are scared to displease

the opposite partner, fear being rejected by the family and are doubtful about the

doctor being judgemental.

Its nice to have friends from the opposite sex as it helps in better communication

skills , understanding of emotional sharing and builds up a good herd culture and a

great foundation for future adulthood based on strong life values.

6. Body, mind is delicate and vulnerable. You are maturing. And growing.

Technically speaking in medical terms :

You have a delicate physique especially during teenage. The hormonal maturation

has just started and is not yet complete and therefore the protective immune system

is incapable of acting as a shield.

For girls, the genital tract virtually is open into the peritoneal cavity and therefore can

cause serious consequences. Unwanted pregnancies have to be lead into abortions

and if the pregnancy unfortunately happens in the Fallopian tube ? (instead of the

womb), you may need laparotomy or a laparoscopy which is major surgery compared

to a medical termination of pregnancy. Parent’s consent is required before

undertaking such high risk surgeries.

This can scar the reproductive tract challenging the future possibilities of

childbearing and the scars on the mind are irreparable .

Sex also leads to transmission of serious infections which majority of the youngsters

are not protected against. The common microbial infections such as the HIV-AIDS,

Hepatitis gonorrhoea, chlamydia etc can be acquired through such acts. These

organisms are much smaller than the mans’s sperms and easily gain access causing

infections which are many a time unnoticed but can compromise one’s reproductive

capacity. They can also cause a constant pain, disability which can affect ones daily


7. Counselling and Consultation :

All these can be definitely addressed through a “non-judgemental” counselling and


One can consider individual or if necessary couple counselling with a gynaecologist

and get proper guidance about intimacy and physical relationships. It’s OK to share

your feelings and get pro-active counselling instead of seeing a doctor only when

you enter into a situation.

Its important that the youth gets proper hand-holding and directions to handle their

freedom, indulgences and their consequences.

8. Stay Smart, Stay informed.


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