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Preparing for Normal Delivery

#NormalDelivery : How can I ensure it

Normal delivery is a natural process of giving birth and “Natural” is always priceless and is important to prepare in order to ensure one.Increasingly women are either choosing a cesarean birth or are needed to undergo a cesarean delivery for the sake of their babies or themselves. The decision is in the interest of the mother and the baby and with all points granted to safety. Mothers usually take decision for the fear of pain or a possibility of unpredictability or fear of injury to their baby during birthing processes of normal labour. With increased surgical safety cesarean sections not only are safe but are also less morbid. Normal delivery is not entirely impossible. But certainly, it needs measures to be proactively undertaken to ensure a successful normal delivery.

Normal delivery entails expulsion of the baby or babies through the normal vaginal route and the birthing passage which consists of muscles, pelvic bones and the soft tissues. This process of expulsion needs force. Force primarily from the womb ( uterus) which tightens to help the baby pass through the passage. This forceful tightening of the uterus is painful and is perceived as such by the mother undergoing normal delivery. The secondary component of the force is the effort taken by the mother to push the baby out and this definitely needs strength.

Start preparing for normal labour before you are pregnant

Normal delivery needs the mother to be physically and mentally strong. Ensure that you have physical strength and mental power to deal with the process of normal delivery. Ensure that you have good food, healthy eating habits, and strong body. Regular exercises a combination of aerobics and weight training and stretches before conception helps. This way it makes body flexible, agile and increases the muscle strength especially of the back muscles. This also helps in increasing the respiratory capacity and makes the heart stronger. All these help in the process of normal delivery .

Additionally become healthy. See that you have no excess fat, have normal haemoglobin and rule out thyroid dysfunctions. Take a healthy complete diet rich in proteins and fibres so that you are able to also make healthy babies.

Learn mind modulation and dissociation techniques. It’s a skill to develop the right thinking style.Using the thinking capability in the right way helps in developing the right attitude. It helps in combating the fear of pain that women have when considering normal delivery. Positive thinking helps in alleviating unnecessary fears about any harm to self or the baby during the process of normal delivery

Normal delivery ensuring techniques during pregnancy

Eat and think healthy and develop a good attitude. If you have never exercised before starting with some light walks to stretches to gradually increasing the intensity and the duration to improvise cardio and muscle strength. Ensure that no ailment affects you such as anaemia, infection or diabetes. Remember these efforts are going to give the best to your baby and therefore the perseverance and patience has to be inculcated to ensure a normal delivery. Do not put on excessive weight.

Positive attitude inculcating measures

Learn from your experiences and do not become fearful. Life teaches us lessons always and we have to be there to understand and evolve. Learn to be fearless and positive. Enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and learn to react and not respond. Interact with people who are positive and keep away from all kinds of negativity. Negative thinking makes one tired and fearful and we don’t want these mindsets as they can surely interfere in the process of normal delivery.

Mindfulness and thought modulation 

Normal delivery is the natural eventuality of a pregnancy. All pregnancies are destined to result in a delivery . The moment you are pregnant start relating to the wonderful being that you have been responsible for creating. Be grateful and thank the nature and your husband for being with you when this happened. Consider this as a divine opportunity bestowed upon you to take the family and the society forwards in the realm of time. This is an opportunity to create a future healthy society and we need to deal with it with responsibility. Such a positive approach with responsibility and connect through consciousness and awareness is mindfulness. Revel in the beauty and the happiness of this creation and promise to adapt in all possible ways to ensure the pregnancy and the ensuing normal delivery is going to be an enthralling experience.

Learn to modify your thinking. Listen intently to the criticisms or suggestions of your near and dear ones. They are able to see you more than your own self and they are telling you all as they love you and care for you. Become receptive and try to modify. First and foremost accept your wonderful state of pregnancy, forgive all those who create negative vibes around you and learn to rise above the mediocre and be positive so that your baby is wonderful creation which will make you proud.

Patience pays

Be patient with the process of normal delivery. Yes, the body of the mother has to adapt and evolve to adjust to the delivery of the baby and this needs time. Be patient and positive it helps.

Digital media can be confusing

Media and internet sources are meant for information and not as a means to imprint the mind and regulate the emotions. Acquire info if you feel the need but learn to adopt only those which are right. Women delivered even before the existence of the Google so instinctively your mind and body is programmed for this important function of birthing. Accept it as a natural process and be fearless.

Know your facts :

Understand the process of delivery. Note your questions and get them solved from your doctor. Adapt yourself to the changes that are associated with pregnancy and delivery and be open to discussions and participate in your own care. Discuss with the doctor and choose the right course for delivery.

Understand the process of pain and the birth

Many a time knowing helps and get a scientific run down about the processes of normal delivery. Try to understand the basic mechanics and try to be a part of your own strategy. Partner with your doctor to ensure that your delivery is a wonderful experience.


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