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Pregnancy Ready Reckoner: What to expect?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Pregnancy Ready Reckoner: What to expect? Enjoy the baby making process and be happy!


1. Daily 4-10000 steps walking

2. Personal Hygiene (Daily twice bath, twice brushing teeth)

3. Breast care: support

4. After 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, sleep on left lateral position

5. Adequate rest


1. No Heavy exercise

2. No Heavy weight lifting

3. Avoid outside food

4. No 2 wheeler travelling

5. No car or bus travelling

6. Intimacy (consult)

7. No tea/coffee/alcohol/smoking


1. Pain abdomen

2. PV Bleeding

3. PV Leaking

4. Decreased foetal movements

5. Swelling of feet

6. Severe headache

7. Blurring of vision

8. Vomiting

9. Diarrhoea or Vomiting

10. Anything else of concern

General Guidance At Pregnancy Confirmation

Congratulations to you! And here is the list of guidance for you.

1. Be happy, calm and pleasant

2. Do not panic

3. Eat well and healthy meals at the right frequency

4. Do not fast or starve for more than 6 hours

5. Take plenty of water: 3litres/day

6. Daily take fruits (4) salads (4) sprouts & greens

7. Daily curds /yogurts/buttermilk

8. Do not take stale food, junk food, unclean food stuffs

9. Avoid excessive sugars, spices, oils and trans-fats

10. Consume healthy millets and nuts

11. Daily walk for 40 minutes

12. Daily pray for 15 minutes

13. Maintain body hygiene

14. Brush twice daily with a soft bristle brush

15. No medications without consultation

Team Dr. Girija Wagh


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