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Infertility needs careful evaluations !!!

Basics are important. Anxiety, ignorance about intimacy and right direction approach goes a long way in achieving the desired results. Mrs AS came with her husband of two years, anxious, as she had not been able to conceive despite trying for the past one year. Both were young, healthy and with a supportive family background with no obvious diseases. They had concerns, since the previous doctor had suggested laparoscopy and they were not very sure about getting it done. On close examination and detailed evaluation it was observed that they had difficulties in their intimate relationships and weren’t very sure. Also examination revealed that she had not undergone defloration as yet and also confessed that she wasn’t sure about the intimate act. We guided them through our intimate relationship sessions and helped them overcome their lack of knowledge and ensured that they could now confidently perform. Despite observing fertile period and proper frequency the couple was unable to conceive for 8 months. Tubal potency test was performed by HSG and everything was identified to be normal, except for the fact that she had a slight arcuate shaped uterus. Ovulation stimulation with timed intercourse was scheduled and she conceived in the third month. It was important to achieve this result because the couple was shortly planning to relocate to the US for professional reasons and were considering an IVF pregnancy for unexplained infertility. The pregnancy continued normally and AS left for US at 26 weeks of gestation. She had a full term vaginal delivery of a healthy baby boy ( 3.6kg ) with completely normal ante intra and postnatal periods. Today the baby is 18 months old and I truly feel content that I could guide them to acquire the god’s gift.


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