Pregnancy Chart

Pregnancy ready reckoner : what to expect : Enjoy the baby making process and be happy


1. Pregnancy confirmation scan (5-6 weeks)

2. Pregnancy confirmation scan (6-7 weeks) (If no fetal pole or cardiac activity on previous scan)

3. Dating scan (9-10 weeks)

4. NT scan (12 weeks)

5. Early Anatomy scan (16 weeks)*

6. Anomaly scan (18-19 weeks)

7. Fetal 2-D Echo (22-23 weeks)

8. Growth scan (28 weeks)

9. Growth scan (32 weeks)

10. Baby biophysical (34- 36-38 weeks)*

*Scan frequency may differ if patient is Diabetic, Hypertensive, Rh Negative pregnancy , has Fetal Growth Restriction , Poly or oligohydramnios, twins or doppler changes or is at risk of preterm deliveries etc


1. Daily 4-10000 steps walking

2. Personal Hygiene (Daily twice bath, twice brushing teeth)

3. Breast care

4. After 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, sleep on left lateral position

5. Adequate rest

DON’TS: 1. No Heavy exercise

2. No Heavy weight lifting

3. Avoid outside food

4. No 2 wheeler traveling

5. No car or bus traveling

6. Intimacy ( consult )

7. No tea / coffee / alcohol / smoking


1. All basic labs (6-8 weeks) ( CBC, Urine routine, Ultra TSH, HbA1C, Rubella IgG, BG-Rh type, Sr. Creatinine, Serology, ICT sos, Vit. B12 sos, Vit. D sos )

2. Specific labs (12 weeks ) (Double marker test, OGCT with 75gms Glucose ) 3. Test for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria( 16 weeks )

3. Repeat labs (18 weeks 4. Repeat OGCT ( 24 weeks ) 5. Repeat labs ( 24 weeks* ) (CBC, Urine routine, Ultra TSH, Sr. Creatinine ) 6. Repeat labs(32 weeks ) ( CBC, Urine routine, Ultra TSH, Sr. Creatinine 7. Repeat labs ( 37-38 weeks ) ( CBC, Urine routine, Ultra TSH, Sr. Creatinine )

In case of Rh Negative mom ICT should be repeated every 3 monthly *Additional tests may be suggested in special situations


1. Pain abdomen 2. PV Bleeding 3. PV Leaking 4. Decreased foetal movements

5. Swelling of feet 6. Severe headache 7. Blurring of vision 8. Vomiting 9. Diarrhea or Vomiting 10 Anything else of concern

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1. Flu vaccine (12 weeks onwards) 2. TT 1st dose (16 weeks) 3. TdaP 2nd dose (26 weeks) 4. Hepatitis B (Anytime during pregnancy)


Cloudnine Hospital, Axon building, Shivaji nagar, Pune

Contact: 9422000584


Apollo Spectra Hospital, Near Sarasbaugh Opposite to Sanas playground Pune, Swargate Pune

Contact: 8956796698


Detailed Diet counseling with Diet chart (14-16 weeks) (Chargeable) Every Wednesday 11am to 1pm / 3pm to 5pm at Apollo spectra hospital.


At least by 28 weeks

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